Friday, July 6, 2012

Pet Art

   When I had Taylor back at the vet again this past Saturday (he has a "massive bladder infection" according to the vet, plus allergies. Oof.), a friendly older gentleman who was carrying in his mother-in-law's cat brought him in this awesome, old-school cardboard carrier. I've seen this—am sure my family used to have one—and wish I still did. LOVE the style of the art; it's so charming!
    Meanwhile, Monte and I are hard at work on this year's invitations for Art Unleashed (which, unbelievably, is now less than two months away!) My style is very different than that above, but I'd sure be happy if someday someone pulled out my invitation and enjoyed it, like I did that cardboard carrier!
   This is a VERY rough mockup; Monte created it so we could discuss the size, format, and layout. It's coming along... Come see us on Friday, August 24th for the 16th annual Art Unleashed, and the 100th anniversary of the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City!
   I also noticed that I appear in two different photos in the header on the HSGKC events page—one in my sweaty running gear, and one all dressed up! Ha!