Thursday, July 5, 2012

Testing, Testing... 1, 2, 3

   These are from the first series of shots I took on my new camera. The evening light was beautiful, so the dogs obliged as my models first.
   And then Kismet came out for a quick shot. It was already starting to get dark, and I wasn't sure how to compensate for it with the camera.
   As I was trying to figure that out, some loud, deep yowls came from the other side of the fence! Kismet looked worried, then ran and hid under the deck. It was a gentleman caller from next door, Mitty Moo, who jumped right up onto my 6' fence to say hello. I took a few shots, then he gave up (because Kismet wanted nothing to do with him!) and he took off. The session was over for the night!
   It will be very interesting to look back at these months from now and notice how I've improved. I'm hoping to find a good class to take to jump-start my learning, since I've used digital cameras with automatic features for so many years. I've heard of f-stop and aperture and ISO, but am not sure how to use them to my advantage just yet...