Saturday, June 1, 2013

Slow Going

   I'm "shibarunner" on Nike+ and Instagram, 'cause I run with Shibas. After 10 weeks off (arm), Tay and I are back at it. Two weeks and over 30 miles later, though, his poor feet are hurting from pounding the pavement. His front feet are special... He was born with his outside toes on top of his feet, almost like outer dewclaws. And the additional pressure on three toes causes more wear.
   His pads are peeling as he develops tougher pads again, so we're cutting back a bit. His attitude is still go go go... an inspiration! (Of course, that type if spirit is what got me injured too.)
   "I solemnly swear to not push too hard and be good blah blah blah yeah whatever."