Saturday, September 28, 2013

Random Hallmark Moments: Hallmarket

Awesomely talented (and hilarious) Allyson Lassiter
Steph's on the left, Jen's on the right
   Here's a quick Hallmarket report before I crash out early (soooo tired): The weather was crummy until late afternoon, and started with thunder and lightning and rain—the works!—but I found that it hardly mattered; we were able to keep our art dry, and had a steady stream of people throughout the day. There were 92 artists; the event has grown every year. I shared a booth with Steph and Jack two years ago, and marveled today at how it had grown, in numbers of artists, patrons, and in the variety of work created. The world has no idea how much talent resides at Hallmark.
   A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who came today—I know weekends are precious, and it was drizzly, but it means a LOT to me that you came to hang out and support me and my work. (Seriously. Thank you!) The day went so fast—I was having great fun visiting with everyone. (Aki and Taylor agree... And are quite tired themselves, from their adoring fans, most especially the cute kiddos.) I tagged most of you on Facebook, but a special shout-out to my friend, coworker, and creative conspirator, Monte Cushman, who isn't on Facebook. So good to see you. :)
   As I was driving home I was thinking about the crazy Venn diagram of friends who came: Hallmark coworkers—past, present, and... future? (we'll see on that one); Humane Society volunteers; Joni, Kristi and Kaye from our big, happy, dog pack; and an amalgamation of adventure buddies: my fellow rock climbers, hikers, kayakers, yogis, snowboarders, adventure racers... it was like the bizarro universe where all of my friends collided. So awesome! Everyone always comments on how active I am, and lately I've been reflecting on why... only by participating in all these hobbies can I meet such a diverse and incredible group of friends, and they've taught me a ton.
   Big thanks to my mega-talented boothmate Steph Allen for urging me to participate, and Jack Pullan for helping us set up, mind the store all day, and take down. Thanks to Regi for organizing, and to Hallmark for its generosity and support of the creative community: not only did they provide the tents and tables for free, they bought our lunches—and took NO commission on our sales. I know, right? WOW.
   I was more than a little surprised that I sold a little under HALF my pieces. Nice validation to the huge amount of fun I had creating them. The last two weeks have been a blur. Which should teach me NOT TO PROCRASTINATE, but—d@mn!—look how well it all turned out! So I guess I've learned nothing.  ;)
   Off to bed, with a big smile on my face. I am beat.
We had enough patrons that we were standing in the rain all morning, so we weren't blocking the art! Which explains my hair in the next photo...
John Keeling's gorgeous paintings
Letterpress awesomeness by "my KC family",  Diane and Madeline