Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Random Hallmark Moments: Noon Sketch Group

   There is a group of Hallmarkers who has met once a week at lunchtime for over 20 years, using the time to draw from a live model, for fun and to keep their skills up. Now that I'm on a team with Matt K for the first time and getting to know him better, he not only invited me to join (after lamenting at how weak my life drawing skills are, as I discovered at the Columbus Zoo in July with Charlotte)—he also invited me to sit for them! And today was the day.
   When I first agreed, my friend Azusa found out, and emailed me: I found out you will come to NSG as a model. I will be there no matter what. Exciting!!  うれしい♡  ^_^ Azusa
   Being slightly unnerved by the prospect of having talented artists stare at me, and wanting to learn some Japanese, I replied: 「nervous」は日本語で何と言いますか。。。。。。  (-_-);   [Translation: How do you say "nervous" in Japanese?]
   Her reply nearly made me fall out of my chair: ジェンちゃん、「緊張(きんちょう)」です。「かんちょう」は STOOL SOFTENER. Please be careful it sounds very alike.   ^_^  アッちゃん  [Translation: Jen, "nervous" is "Kinchou". "Kanchou" is "stool softener". And as she said, they do sound alike!!]
* * * * * *
   Sitting still for 1 hour is more difficult than it sounds, particularly for me. And particularly after a week of vacation, when I'm frantically busy. But everyone likes a good challenge, right? It was really fun to see the group create their mini masterpieces so quickly, and in such diverse styles (pencil, watercolor, oils). It reminded me of the AMAZING talent at work.
Here are a few of the Jen renderings:
by Masako Sato
by Azusa Omura
work in progress by Diren He
   For the record, I want to join them to draw sometime... but I've had lunchtime meetings every Wednesday at noon since Matt and I first spoke about this, nearly two months ago. D'oh! Someday...