Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The boys of Roatan...

   This is Sam, the owner of Skin n Scuba and the ringleader of all this awesome madness. Diver extraordinaire, helluva nice guy, and ornery as hell. In training, he'll turn the air off on your tank to see how you handle it. Hiring bodyguard in 5...4...3...
   Here I am with Kirk, our excellent divemaster who showed us all kinds of hidden treasures like nudibranchs, shrimp the size of a pencil point, and countless scorpionfish. He even delivered on his promise to me to spot TWO seahorses on the same dive!
   Here's me and Jonathan, a couple of rum punches into a drawing session after our last dive for the night. (My hair was a wreck all week. Salt water ruined my manipedi too... Talk about first world problems!) :P
   This is my dive buddy and personal instructor for the week, Dan. He led me to my 5 shiny new certifications. And he and Jonathan are conspiring to turn me into a Divemaster. Giddyup! As you can tell from this photo, he's at least 4' taller than me.
P.S. Tell me he doesn't look like Jon Hamm in this photo:
   Here's me and Robert, prepping for the afternoon dives. Robert was a little sweet on me (and likely any other woman who'd flirt with him). But with a body and an accent like his, he can hug me anytime.
   Here are Chris and Jeff—and poor Marty, who's being crowded out by these two huge personalities. Marty might have 'em all beat, though. She's fierce. 
   Along with Chris's awesome wife Kyle, the Lang family, and Michelle and Jason—let's just say the RED boat was the BEST! What a crowd!