Friday, October 11, 2013

#inktober Chickshaw!

Concept by Greg Garbos of City Bitty farms; I just cartoonized it #inktober #jenrareyart
   To clarify, Greg's concept is a screened chicken coop on bicycle wheels. Used for easily moving chickens around to feed on different patches of land, while protecting them from predators. He's debuting it an an agricultural conference in Lawrence this week. My concept was to have a rooster pulling his brood around. Slightly less plausible than Greg's.
   I learned about it from a random text from Jen at 9:30 the other night, and I quote, "Greg was wondering if there is a store in KC where he can get a metal chicken or two. He was thinking full-size 3D. If not metal, could be corn husk or paper mache. Oh... And he needs them by Friday!" He wanted to use them as props in the real chickshaw that he built, for the conference.
   So I have to say, I love that my friends think of me first when they are thinking, "Emergency need for random fake chickens." Although I would have loved to help create them in paper mache, there wasn't enough time for them to dry before Friday, so the best I could do was recommend checking the decor at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. But they actually had a lot of surprisingly nice options there. Oh, and I left the cartoon on Jen's chair at work, just to revel in the ridiculousity.