Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunset & fresh fall air

   Gorgeous night for a run! Overland Park really is pretty. And it's amazing how my perception of distance has shifted just this week—after Sunday's long run—I feel like I'm suddenly much closer to everything! This view is only a couple miles from my house; it has always "felt" further away, so I never attempted to run by it.
   On my way home from work, I'm starting to look at my gauge and drive a new route, making mental notes about how far certain streets or landmarks are from home. I just realized that I can run all the way east to Nall (Sushi Gin!) and it would only be about a six mile loop. Craziness.
   And speaking of craziness, holy yikes I just signed up for my very first half marathon!!! It's on 11/9 at Shawnee Mission Park. See my previous post about my friends/coworkers who have been very encouraging and inspirational... I wasn't sure I'd ever have the nerve to try this, and I'm SO EXCITED. It would be an honor to join the ranks of Gary, Trish, Cat, Theresa, Mark... all the people who've told me they KNOW I can do it. And since the race benefits Harvesters Community Food Network which feeds hungry people in Kansas City, I figure it's a win, no matter how I perform.
   Harvesters' mission is to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow. As many as 66,000 different people receive emergency food assistance through Harvesters’ network in any given week. That number is staggering. Especially when I think about how fortunate I am—that I've never had to go hungry. If you read this and are moved to help, please click this link to visit Harvesters' donation page. I'd be honored.