Monday, October 7, 2013

Worth the wait

  Leaving work a bit later, stopping by the store on the way home, doing a little yard work... And finally starting dinner after 8:00. Sounds kooky, but it was all worth the wait:

   Steaks grilled medium-rare, roasted sweet potatoes, Thai garlic-chili-sautéed kale, and roasted butternut squash with chili-lime-cilantro (from my yard!) vinaigrette. 

The squash and kale with their respective toppings are so good together I'd probably mix them next time after both are cooked. They were both so good they overshadowed the steak. Honestly I'm becoming more curious about whether or not I could go vegetarian, but night like this make me think maybe not. I'd have to do a lot more nutritional research before attempting it anyway.

   And a frosty gin and tonic with fresh mint from my yard to cap it off. YUM.