Monday, November 11, 2013

Auntie's bag of tricks

   I arrived in LA last night, to visit my sis & nephews. Kelley picked me up at LAX and I loaded up my two suitcases: the tiny one for my clothes, and the big one for the boy's gifts. Immediately it was evident how perfect my selections were...
   Sean is 2. On the drive home he kept talking about  "scrubbing brush" and "Harry" and asked me if I knew the book. I smiled knowingly. Kelley said he liked to pretend to be Harry.
   As luck would have it, I had this shirt in my  suitcase. Gary found it in Lawrence and gave it to me. It's too wee for me but I had a hunch that Sean would love it. I presented it to him when we arrived at the house, and he wore it overnight, refusing to take it off.
   Gary made Sean the happiest kid on the planet. :) Now if only I could get him to take this box off his head for a photo.
   (P.S. is it wrong that a shirt that very nearly fit me, also happens to fit a 2 year old?????)
   Later, Sean wanted soup for dinner and mommy asked if he wanted a straw. "WAIT!" I said, running back to my bag. I pulled out a brand-new Krazy Straw. Sean lit up when he saw all the loops and ate his loopy soup. Can't wait to see what I am prompted to pull out next!