Monday, December 16, 2013

Awesome day!!

   Ginny, Maureen, and I, as well as a large team of ultra–talented hallmark creatives, have been eagerly waiting for today for a long time. We finally delivered the coloring books that we had created to celebrate Lindsey, her kids, and her family.

   About 2 dozen creatives contributed their talents to the book itself; the story is all about the 4 members of the family as super heroes, with Lindsey's "armor upgrade" to her leg, following her accident a few months back. 

   With the story set, we landed on the coloring book format so the family's young kids could participate. We also used the color art created by my bestie Kelly Green to create a large canvas, & everyone who contributed to our fund drive signed it. After paying for the books & canvas, we still raised enough to donate $700 to Caring Bridge as a tribute--and their board is matching gifts through the end of the year!

   We are so blessed to have been able to do this for our friend & coworker, who is recovering well and looks amazing. Everything about her was still 100% Lindsey. :)

   And I capped off the fun afternoon with an early-birthday sushifest with Joni. At the end of the meal, tiny Yuki, who admitted to having a couple of beers, came over to talk with us. She's 74, and weighs only 77 pounds!! For once I felt like a giant--and have the photos to prove it!