Sunday, December 15, 2013

"100% Satisfaction"

   Dear Diary, life is so tough. I wake up on top of a pile of electric blankets and a fluffy down duvet. If I'm not riding on Jen's shoulders I have to walk ALL THE WAY down the stairs to the kitchen myself, so Jen can serve me my twice-a-day canned treat before she serves up my premium dry food... which I have to walk ALL THE WAY to the basement to get. Then I have to make the impossible decision of going ALL THE WAY back upstairs to lounge in bed, or stay downstairs on the family room couch, on top of the new, super-soft heated throw that Jen's mom got for ME.
   Today I'm following Jen everywhere, which makes me so sleepy, but as the catalog says, I'm feeling "100% SATISFACTION". I'll try to have less stress tomorrow. Love, Kismet