Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas afternoon/evening

   After our brisk two-hour morning walk, we made our cheeks rosy once again, with another hot yoga class at CorePower. Tough stuff! (To put it mildly!) I was not built for heat. I'm proud to have conquered it, though it won't be my regular thing.
   After yoga we quickly cleane up and headed to McMenamins Kennedy school for lunch during a movie (Don Jon; not great, though I dig Joseph Gordon Levitt), and a scavenger hunt for passport stamps. The place is amazing... An old elementary school transformed into a theater, hotel, bars and restaurants... Even a large outdoor soaking tub!
   Lots of awesomely-weird art, too! Or should I say "two", since all these creatures are, coincidentally, in pairs?
   For dinner (and leftovers for Kristin), we whipped up roasted acorn squash, carrots, and parsnips; two quiches loaded with goodies, and two pizzas loaded with even more goodies. A Christmas feast!