Saturday, December 28, 2013

Drive faster, Brett...

I hear banjos!!!
   Actually, Arkansas is known for being really beautiful. And the stars were intense, with no light pollution to dilute them. The hiking should be amazing this weekend.
   However... Arkansas is also quite dark & creepy at night. So dark that you can see only a bit of rocky dirt road in the headlights, and ghosts of trees. 
   It was when we pulled up to the cabin that I started feeling those Blair Witch feelings. Run inside and lock the doors!!!
   At the end of the trip as we were driving home, I told Brett how much the creepy axe just steps from our cabin weirded me out. I said I looked over there every morning and every night to make sure it was still there, because if it disappeared, it meant the axe murderer had it. He joked that if he'd thought of it, he would have taken it and hidden it. It's a good thing he didn't. I would have pummeled him to a fruit juicy pulp.