Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hello, Portland!!!!!

   Trailblazers!!! Named after Kristin & me. ;)
   Rolled right out of the airport into a cab and into the game. The boys got us seats in the 10th row, too... First class all the way, baby!!!
   Blazers win!!!!!!!!!! The game was down to the wire--and the court so close it looked absolutely tiny. Silver, red, & white streamers rained down on us. I'm definitely spoiled for any future bball games.

   Great game + hanging at a bar post-win with a bunch of cute guys from Nike and Intel = awesome way to start the trip! Thanks Scott, Rob, Jason, Andy, and the other guys whose names Crispin helped me forget. (Nearly the same girl:boy ratio when we ride Utah in January... Hmmmm) ;)