Saturday, December 7, 2013

Scuba Fun

   Divemaster training is proving to be as intense as it is intensely fun. A LOT of reading, a LOT of writing a LOT of studying. But I am loving it!!! And having fun cracking up my classmates with things like this new mask strap—commemorating my first shark dive (but surely not my last) in Roatan this past September.
   Today we were in class from 9-noon, grabbed a quick lunch at Chipotle, and then hit the pool from 1:15-3:30, where we practiced "demonstration quality skills". We all know how to do the skills, but it's surprisingly tough to do all the steps very deliberately and slowly, exaggerating the movements so that a new student diver can follow along. It felt awkward for all of us, but we all got it. The hardest part for me was swallowing my fear (again) and removing my mask while sitting at the bottom of the pool, 10' down. And keeping it off, with my eyes closed so my contacts wouldn't float away. And slowwwwwwly replacing it and clearing it. The next challenge was an underwater swim without mask, with Dan guiding me by the shoulder. All around the pool. And if you inhale through your nose, you inhale a bunch of water. Plus, totally blind. And I did fine.  :)))