Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Random Holiday Hallmark Moments: Secret Santa

   Whomever my Secret Santa is, they are awesome. So far I'm $2 richer & soon to be fat. But very happy. :)
   Update 12/13/13: Santas were revealed, and mine was Alisa... who has been with Hallmark over 30 YEARS, but most of them at a facility in Enfield, Connecticut. We had never met until the big reveal party. Her last gift of the week to me was a gorgeous, soft black & turquoise polka-dot scarf, and a set of blue-green earrings and necklace. I got a "Secret Santa" scratchers ticket every day ($2 richer), as well as a wealth of chocolate goodies. WAY above & beyond. And what delightful circumstances under which to meet a new friend!