Thursday, January 23, 2014

Basking in it

   Yesterday I was sketching basking sharks on the bus for Scott's birthday. He's a fellow diver (and certified Instructor) who I've really enjoyed getting to know.
The caption is,
"Did a basking shark need to help you blow out all those candles?!"
(Scott must not have been offended; he posted it as his Facebook cover photo!)
   A basking shark is the second largest fish in the sea, after its big brother, the whale shark. The basking looks even more strange & prehistoric--I've seen them described as looking "nightmarish". On the contrary, I think they're haunting, but beautiful. I hope I get to swim alongside one someday.
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   The other thing I'm basking in is a compliment from Scott on my diving and leadership skills. Not bad for a girl who was scared to even swim just four years ago. The animals (even—or especially—the ones people consider "scary") are a compelling and effective distraction that made diving not just possible for me, but truly enjoyable!