Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Brite new year

   Hallmark created the character Rainbow Brite 30 years ago. And though my sisters and I watched it a bit, I don't remember it well. So today I've been lazing on the couch, researching the show, and sketching the character in preparation for an anniversary art show coming up this month at work. The tough thing is that the character design is so far away from my personal aesthetic. I'm challenging myself to make her as cute as possible, and to work a fun concept into my piece(s). Time to get painting!
   That is, if these beasts decide to let me off the couch. My legs are pinned!!!
   I'd say we have a right to be a bit lazy today, though... party with the girls last night, and with Brett, Sawako, Christy, Abby, Scott, and August tonight. Two dinner parties at my house in a row? I like the way this year is ending/beginning!