Monday, January 6, 2014

Gratitude: cold and Christmas break

   So cold it takes your breath away! That's the actual temperature. With wind chill it's about -25. Last time I remember it being this frigid in the Midwest was in college when I got to school & was straining to open the door of Benton hall thinking it was frozen shut. It wasn't... They cancelled classes that day due to cold. It's locked, genius.  (Oops.)
   So today I am thankful for having a warm house and hot water (a hot shower is generally one of my top 3 favorite things in any given day), a new electric blanket for my birthday from Mom, and a warm kitty to sleep on my feet. I know there are those out there who aren't so fortunate.
   Also thankful to have a friend in town who also reminds me of all our good old days at CCAD. I'm having a challenging week but it's awesome to be supported by such a great friend. We're having fun.
   I'm thankful to be riding the bus again, and to be freed from the stress of driving in traffic on snowy roads.
   And lastly, I'm thankful for having such great coworkers... Most of whom returned to the office today after a two-week break. Always fun to see them and hear all the stories of their Christmases--very different than mine, especially this year. To genuinely love the people you work with? Priceless.