Friday, January 24, 2014

Reflecting on a busy month

Spectacular suburban sunset
   January has kicked off an extremely busy year at work. I feel like I'm working round-the-clock, because I can never shut off the thoughts related to my project. And while it is tiring, it's also a very good thing… it's amazing to feel this energized. Nothing about this project is easy; there are many people involved, many directors, many decisions to be made, critical communication, and of course countless creative decisions. There is a LOT riding on the franchise. Working with such a stellar team, the problem is not a shortage of good ideas, the problem is how to choose the best among the array of good ideas and focus.
   This morning I got to work early and met with members from my previous team to kick off an assignment for them to tackle. It felt a little strange at first to be on the other side of the table from my former teammates. But when they showed me their recent work, I was honestly blown away. They have come so far in the last six months! I am SO proud of them (and I'll admit, gratified to see that some of the work that happened when I was on the team is being carried forward). Really excited to see what we can do together now, in our new roles.
   I spent much of the rest of the day directing illustrators, critiquing character designs, discussing story lines, and just enjoying the people on my team. Seven months in, this is still the best job I've had in nearly seventeen years at work. Every day I feel like I'm bringing unique and necessary talent and decision-making to the table; I'm focusing on my strengths, and on specific skills I've wanted to leverage for a LONG time. Creatively, I'm aligned with my boss and key partners. Personality-wise, I am too. I'm just enjoying everyone so much... it's not all roses. We disagree vehemently, and then are laughing a few minutes later. Have to give our leaders credit for assembling such a team. And am incredibly thankful to be on it. 
   The whole thing is almost as awesome as that sunset photo, which I took in my back yard this evening. Yes—I was finally home in daylight, and out back in time to see the sun set, and play fetch with the dogs. Been a few crazy weeks. But they're crazy-good, too.