Friday, February 7, 2014

Dreaming of the sea

hour one...
   I finally finally made it to Mirna's lunchtime drawing session! Been wanting to go for over a year. Decided I'm making time for it this year. One hour a week is not too much to ask. Had a blast drawing with Mirna, Maya, Lyla, Amber, and Ken.
   Usually Mirna throws out a subject matter and visual inspiration. Today she threw out a poem, and it spoke to me. It was the perfect accompaniment to a drawing I've had in my head ever since my whale shark swims in September 2012. Need to finish the drawing (filling the page with creatures I've actually seen while diving), and then ink it. It's the last spread in my sketchbook before I start a new one. My favorite page so far because of the incredible memories it invokes... Just like it was yesterday.
   Here's an update of the drawing after hour two at the dive shop:

hour two...