Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reunited and it feels so good

   Southwest airlines located my snowboard bag (with all my gear inside) and it was delivered at 1:30 AM. I know this because the courier left it on the front doorstep. The dogs heard his car in the drive, and barked up a storm. Let's just say I didn't get much sleep after that.
   Very glad to have my board back, as it's my first--the only one I've ridden, save the lessons I took on rentals. I think it's about time to retire it and hang it on the wall, and upgrade to a higher-grade board. A little treat for all the progress I've made. I can blame Brett for this idea; at Solitude he suggested that I'm hitting a point where my beginner board may impede further progress.
   And now that I'm watching night one of the Olympics featuring the slope style competition, I already can't wait to get back on my ride again. It's only been two days, but that's two days too long. My heart is definitely in the mountains!