Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Skiers vs. Boarders

    Jack sent me this side-by-side image and I have to admit, she does have my smile. But... she's a skier and I'm a snowboarder... we're from different worlds!
   The thing about skiers and snowboarders, I've learned, is that when you are on the mountain together, you can ride side-by-side in harmony, regardless of your mixed modes of travel. Except that the skiers get all pissy when they glide right off the lift and are ready to take off immediately. Their friends the snowboarders ride the lift with only their front leg strapped in, and have to dismount and simultaneously land their back foot in the middle of their board next to their back binding, hold their balance and not fall down like an amateur, causing the lift operator to stop the lift--which would embarrassingly leave all those people hanging in midair. And not only that, then the snowboarder has to pull over to a spot where they can stand or sit to strap in. As for me, I'm quick at that, but I have an additional pause at the top of every run for starting up my iPod so I have the proper riding music. Critically important. By then the skiers are either getting impatient, or they've already left without you.
   But the advantage of snowboarding over skiing (other than it just looking a helluva lot cooler, let's be honest) is that when you're tearing down the slopes and hit a bump or patch of ice or just pick up too much speed, and happen to crash? Well, the snowboard ain't goin' anywhere... It's strapped to your feets. When skiers crash it's a "yard sale" because all their wares (poles, skis) are strewn out along the mountain.
   I will say, though, that when I'm out riding I get a little jealous of the cute little snowbunny skier girls in their color-coordinated tight snow pants and tiny fitted jackets. They look super-cute and feminine... like I try to look in my street clothes.
   Snowboarders play a little rougher and have their own style, with longer jackets and baggier snow pants and thicker boots... and certainly all in louder colors.
   I also happen to look three times larger when dressed for snowboarding that I am in real life. ;)
When I'm out there, I'd rather look kick@** than cute anyway.