Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cozy Sunday

   I love the snow more than most, but after experiencing near 80° temperatures yesterday, and freezing temperatures today, it's a good day to get some things done in the house. The animals are achieving little more then sleeping in. Pretty cute.
   When I saw the dogs' footprints in the snow on the deck this morning, it gave me the inspiration to get a shot of the prints from their front feet.
   Taylor's front footprints show only three toes; he actually has all four, but he was born with his outside toes on top of his feet. Most people think he has dewclaws on the inside and the outside. Despite his unique feet, he still runs much faster than me!

   I'm taking a cue from my pets and working INSIDE today. I cleaned all the rugs with the Hoover (so it smells like wet dogs in here now. And I can't open the windows. I should have thought that one through!), finished laundry, and need to do some artwork for the Humane Society's Dog-n-Jog event, catch up on some Hallmark work, and finish my Adventures in Diving (Advanced Open Water) book... finally! Busy day in my PJs on the couch. Perfect!