Thursday, March 13, 2014

Luck o' the Shibas

   I'm entering these two stooges in MSIR's "lucky to be rescued" contest for St. Patty's Day. Even if we don't win, we already won: these dogs walk, hike, camp, backpack, kayak, and road trip. They run, and collectively we've won two races, and placed in two more. They're trained in agility and a couple other tricks. They're internet-famous and they eat only the best food (and too much of it, judging from Taylor's waistline). They have their Canine Good Citizen certificates and are great ambassadors for their breed. They've turned a dozen foster Shibas into great house dogs. They make me laugh every day.
   Not a bad list for two previously-unwanted lil tykes!
   This was my write up on the group's Facebook page: "Lucky to be rescued... Aki & Taylor! These guys have made me laugh every day since I adopted them from MSIR in 2007 & 2008. They are my faithful running partners, kayaking first mates, camping tent warmers, hiking trailblazers, and backseat drivers. Absolutely the best furry friends I could imagine. (And they're cute, too!)"