Saturday, March 29, 2014

No words

   Kevin passed away around 9 PM. It still doesn't seem real. It is only been two months since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Two months ago he was seemingly healthy and happy. So very frightening. The only shred of goodness I can spin out of this is that it reminds us to live life to the fullest, every single day.
   My heart aches for his wife, Laura. The two were incredibly fortunate to have met each other, two souls meant to be together.  Here is his obituary. And her heartfelt thoughts.
   I heard the news while I was out with Sawako for her farewell dinner; she and William are moving to California tomorrow. I shared with her what had happened, and she told me about a Japanese belief: that the souls of loved ones who have passed remain with us for 49 days. And in that period, we should let our emotions pour out: sadness, grief, anger. Our loved ones will witness the depth of our love, and can then be at peace and prepared to travel up to heaven. I like that. Laura's faith has a similar belief; for one week after Kevin's passing, she was "sitting shiva" in her home every evening. Friends and family were invited to join her and to bring gifts of food and togetherness.
   Good bye, Kevin. And good night, Laura.
   This is a photo I took on the night I met Laura for the first time, at a barbeque on the Fourth of July last year, at the Garbos residence. Their souls are two very bright lights, whether on Earth or Heaven!