Saturday, March 15, 2014

Perfect day for a race!

   Today was an exciting day with a common thread through the annual Westport St. Patrick's Day race. It's a 4 mile race, and I ran with Allyson and Scott, and Tracy and Ed. Richard (the "beginner" who beat me by a minute!) and Brad the leprechaun were there somewhere too. The event benefited Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City.
   For better or worse, becoming a snowboarder has made me lose all sense of shame when it comes to looking ridiculous in whatever I'm wearing. So I went with Seussian tights and fishnet arm bands (both of which made me overheat... I suffer for my utter lack of fashion).
   After the race, a quick slice of pizza at Joe's and a Guinness at Kelly's (both were absolutely packed with people and ridiculous green costumes, it was awesome), and then I headed to work to use the showers at the gym to get cleaned up for my next adventure.
   I met my case manager, Elizabeth, at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City office just up the road from where the run occurred, and we waited for M'kiylah and her family to arrive. M'kiylah is 15 years old, and she is my new Little Sister!
   She is beautiful, tall, and thin, with a cool sense of style (maybe she can teach me a thing or two). I bet she could be a model! She is soft-spoken, but at the same time, chatty and friendly. She loves to keep busy, loves to learn new things, and hates to be bored. We spent a couple hours together, getting treats at Miami Ice, and walking up and down 39th St. enjoying the gorgeous weather. One of the things I liked best about her was how outgoing and friendly she was towards the people working at the stores we visited. She reported being scared to try a few things (swimming, rock climbing, etc.), yet she HAD tried them. I love her attitude!!! And I'm really excited to see her again!
My goal time was 36:00. Fastest race I've done since before my injury, I believe. Winner!!! :)