Sunday, March 16, 2014

Random Hallmark moments: Birdies for Gretchen's 25th

   Gretchen sits next to me at work, since I joined the innovation platform on July 1, 2013. And though I knew her years ago when I was new to Hallmark, I've really only gotten to know her these past few months. And she quickly became one of my very favorite people! So when her best friend Cheryl was planning her 25th anniversary party, I jumped at the chance to contribute to the paper bird project. Cheryl got some nice, long branches from a tree, and arrange them neatly in the special vase. She handed out paper birds to be decorated by Gretchen's friends from over the years. The end result was really cool! And now Gretchen has it in her studio space at home.
   When M'kiylah and I were out shopping yesterday, we happened upon the store on the east side of 39th St., near Westport, called Mash Handmade that specializes in goods from local and national artists. I was thrilled to find this button ring that looks much like a snowflake! It's perfect for the project we are working on together, and Gretchen is also an aficionado of vintage buttons. I can't wait to give this to her tomorrow! (And I found a cute little pinwheel pattern button ring for myself too.)