Tuesday, April 1, 2014


   My K2 is over three years old, I'm progressing beyond it's ride capabilities (it's less stable at faster speeds), and I've never ridden anything else. So I didn't know what to go for next. So I demo'd a Burton Déjà Vu. Awesome lettering, nice ride. Liked the ride on the slopes, and at a 141cm it was responsive & easier to over correct than my 146cm K2 Moment. Little tougher to keep it straight on the flatter traverses--didn't glide as far or fast as I'm accustomed to. Definitely a board I'd like to ride; it would just require me to learn to adjust for this non-traditional flying W base.  Runner up for me. 
   Then I demo'd a 146cm Ride Hellcat. On the first ride, it felt very similar to my K2, but more stable at faster speeds and grippier while carving downhill. MINE. With the end-of-season sale, it was more than 50% off for the demo board, and $60 less than buying new. I'd be stupid NOT to buy it!!!