Saturday, April 12, 2014

Longboarding lesson #2

   I survived another two hour lesson with Brett… Success!!!
   My ankle, shin, and hip feel slightly less successful, as they suffered minor road rash in the three crashes that I endured (curse you rocks, sticks, and huge cracks in the pavement! Flipping me off my board is bad karma!). You can see some dirt and scrapes on my wrist guards and knee pads. Talk about money well-spent!
   Today my legs were quite tired after the 10+ miles that I ran Wednesday/Thursday, so next time with fresher legs should deliver even better results. One would hope. One would also hope that this will keep my muscles in shape for snowboarding season, so I can pick right up where I left off in Winter Park, no matter where I head next. If I'm lucky, Japan might be next.
   Sunday: I'm walking a little like an old lady this morning, but otherwise, I'm fine. I'll take sore hips over broken bones any day.