Sunday, June 29, 2014

And another...

   I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but the animals caught another mouse today. This time it was Kismet. (Aki happened to be out in the backyard at the time, so there was no question of credit). So Miss Kismet captured the mouse and brought it to my feet and let it go. It ran, and she pounced on it again, in this went on for a little while, until I was able to snatch it by the tail and rescue it.
   Don't get me wrong: mice in the house are gross, and the last thing that I want. However, they are also adorable. So I had to take a couple of quick snapshots before I released the little creature back into the wild. And by "the wild," I do not mean my basement. I mean the actual out-of-doors.
   With Aki outside, we could look at the mouse in relative safety.
   Taylor gave a look of absolute disgust. Clearly, he has no appetite for hunting.
   This shot didn't turn out great, it's blurry. But I love how long Taylor's neck is as he strains it to get closer to the mouse. Funny animals.