Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dog-n-Jog recap

   My shirt design! Unfortunately, they cancelled the small size after I had paid for my shirt, so I got stuck with a medium that I will never wear. Here's a comparison of a shirt I designed several years ago, which fits me fairly well (it's still a bit wide). It's on top of my medium DNJ shirt. (Did I mention that I paid for it? And designed it? For free? This is one of those times when I have to constantly remind myself that I do this for the animals. But it sure would be nice to be considered, size-wise.) 
   Kismet clearly thinks there should be a Cat-n-Jog. "How come I never get to go along?!"
   Me and da mutts send good wishes to Shiba cousins in our sister city of Kurashiki...
   The streets were packed with happy people & happier dogs! Cool, cloudy weather meant a decent turnout at this year's DNJ. Great for running and for goofing off on the agility course (the instructor, Laura, remembered us from last year & let my guys run the course for a bit on their own after the short class. Yay!).
   And here's something hilarious: I think I would have placed in the 2-mile run (thanks to speedy Taylor), except like an idiot I miscounted & ran 1 extra lap!!! I can't count to FOUR accurately. LOL! My Nike+ confirmed that I ran 5 laps instead of 4. Sheesh. Art school graduate here!
   Dad didn't run, but he was happy to chill with my superstar runner Mr. Tay afterwards.