Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hunters at heart

   Aki is killing me. Figuratively, not literally. She is *literally* killing a lot of other animals who fortunately aren't me. But it makes me feel really bad. This morning she dragged me into the bathroom to show me this:
   It may have been her, it may had been Kismet, but it definitely wasn't Mr. Lazypants Taylor, and I'm sad for Mr. Mousie.
   Gretchen also lives with two ruthless killers: a pair of Airedales, Cooper & Callie. She was telling me of their triumphant beheadings of rabbits (which holds a special horror since she and I work together on the Easter team), and prancing around the yard flinging moles around--they caught FIVE yesterday. So I was cracking her (and myself) up during a meeting this afternoon with these:
   So, if you're following along, the two-week tally is: