Monday, June 30, 2014

My precious

   Here's a little update from my June 15 post on the cleaning of the high school class ring that I found buried in my backyard. At Madeline's suggestion, I took the ring to work today, and after lunch, ran upstairs to our supply store to run the ring through the ultrasonic cleaning machine. It made the exposed parts of the metal gleam like gold again. I think it knocked some of the dirt off and helped with the overall clarity, but the metal is so badly tarnished from at least 10 years underground, but I'm not sure how much cleaner I can get it.
   In comparison, here's a photo I took on Saturday, after a couple dunks in the jewelry cleaner and a light brushing:
   So I guess the ultrasonic cleaner made a bigger difference than I realized. That's exactly why I'm taking these photos after every trial. Tonight I brushed a paste made from baking soda and water on the ring, at the suggestion of one of the women in our supply store…  Excited to see what that will do.