Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shibas in Arkansas

   I like a good road trip, and I LOVE having dogs that travel well and love to join me. These guys FLIP OUT when they realize they get to go anywhere, and immediately settle in once loaded in the back seat. In fact, countless times I almost panicked and had to twist in my seat to look behind me: they're so quiet I was afraid they had sneaked out of the car!
   The "Are we there yet?" face. Four hours is a long time to be good!
   Meeting a giant, sweet German shepherd named Pac at the hotel. It was too bad the hotel was on a busy road and my guys had to be leashed. They all wanted to play.
   Aki and Taylor were excellent copilots all weekend. I'm so proud of how well they minded, on and off leash. All weekend I received compliments on how well behaved they were, at the hotel and patiently hanging out with us for three long days on the rocky lake shore.
   (Okay, he wasn't supposed to be on the bed, but how cute is this? He didn't sleep with me, but I found him up here looking adorable when I got out of the shower one morning.)
   We didn't have much time to hike, but we carved out a bit:
   Taylor even tried on my gear. What great mascots they are!