Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dive weekend pics

   Beaver Lake or bust! Melia offered to drive, and we just barely got two peoples' and two dogs' worth of stuff in one Jeep.
   We brought food for our potluck dinner. Pretty sure eating 112 oz of this would NOT be the "Best Choice" for Taylor.
   The plans changed, however, so we went out to Eureka Springs to eat instead: gorgeous, terraced Casa Colina:
   and Rockin' Pig (a high-end bar & grill for Harley riders):
   The dogs love all aspects of these lake weekends: car rides, attention from lots of people, occasional tastes of "people chow", and lately, sleeping in people beds. They don't get to do THIS at home!
   When you're THIS tired, though, anyplace will do. We were practically tripping over this girl who only made it as far as the middle of the room.
   Three busy days pass quickly. Melia demonstrating her Tetris-master-car-packing skillz. You have to take a lot of %€$@! for diving!
   News flash: dogs are still tired! All the way home, nearly five hour drive. They each found a headrest to call their own and were quite satisfied.