Friday, July 4, 2014

PSA: pets and fireworks don't mix!

   I've already heard of one friend's dog who is missing due to fireworks last night, so I'm posting this in the hopes that it will help keep others safe. (This stuff applies to cats as well.) A pet can go missing unexpectedly and it happens in the blink of an eye. An animal that is panicked is unpredictable, so please take every precaution, particularly this time of year.

To prevent lost pets:
- ALWAYS have a collar, harness, and ID tags on your dog whenever it is outside
- get your dog microchipped in case its ID is lost. You will get a collar tag with your microchip that the dog should wear at all times to alert anyone who finds them.

If your dog is missing:
- call friends to help, especially if the dog knows them
- bring special treats, toys (esp. if they make noise, like a favorite squeaky toy!), and a leash
- canvas the area, and talk to everyone you see—you never know who will find the dog. Bring fliers with the dog's photo, name, physical description, & your cell phone.
- put a sign in the dog owner's front yard, so that if someone finds the dog, they'll know where it lives
- leave food at the house (especially a special treat like canned food or hot dogs): front & back porch; leave back yard gate, garage door open in case the animal returns when you are out
- call nearby animal shelters, vets, & animal control to alert them
- stay calm & have faith!