Thursday, July 17, 2014

Runners' resource

   Abby's friend Jessica, who is visiting from Washington DC and is beginning training to be a physical therapist, helped diagnose my nagging knee pain. And based on the information I found on this website, I think she hit it right on the head. Just as the article states, my pain almost always begins after I run 1.8 miles. It's uncanny.
   This article is so well-written, I'm posting it here as much as a resource to myself, as well as to anyone else who may be interested. Want to keep this site handy!
   My hip adductor muscles get a good workout every day when I ride the bus, with my cup of hot coffee held tightly between my knees, as I work on my laptop. My hip abductors (which open the legs outward) need equal attention. The outward force of my hips is weaker, which affects my IT bands and kneecaps.
   So basically, I have a coffee-related injury to my legs. I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up. ;)