Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wildlife walks

   On my walk with the dogs this morning, a squirrel high in a tree misjudged a distance or just plain slipped, & fell with a splat on a driveway right in front of us. I could tell he was seeing stars, but he shook it off & scrambled across the street. Even the Shibas were in disbelief!
   And a couple weeks ago, we were walking at dusk when up ahead I saw five pairs of eyes on the curb, staring at us. Aki went into stalking mode and as we neared the corner, five baby raccoons darted into the storm drain.
   Have you any idea how long a dog's memory is? It's LONG. Aki has consistently stuck her head into storm drains ever since we saw a family of raccoons, and later a mouse, use them as escape routes. And now she'll be looking skyward as well. Walks keep getting more interesting...