Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy day!

   We started off the day at the vet for our Aki's vaccines, to check the dogs teeth (Taylor chipped one of his canines), and to check their weight. Great news: Aki is 20.7 lbs and Taylor is 21.3, perfect!
   Aki: "I don't always go to the vet, but when I do, I lie under a chair so I sneak by undetected."
This boxer also hope to get by undetected:
   Because the dogs were so good, I took them to the farmers market on the way home for some interaction with people and some fresh, smoked ham bones. I enjoyed talking to the vendors, and especially all the orchids that one had for sale. The dogs aren't allowed inside the market, so they waited patiently at a bench just outside. When I returned to them, a nice, older man who is at the market every Saturday was sitting with them, Taylor on the bench next to him, head on the man's lap. He informed me that they are such nice dogs that he could have sold them several times. I'm glad he didn't: I have grown rather attached to them.
   When I got home, I decided to try to keep up with my buddy Rich in training, and go out for a run. It was the hottest day of the year so far, with a high of 97°, and a heat index much higher. So, it sucked. In the first mile, I was doing my usual hotdogging and missed a step, landing hard with my right knee directly on concrete. I had to run with this awful, bloodied knee for the next 4 miles.
   The reward was when I return home: completing the ice bucket challenge for ALS (both Rich and Danielle challenged me). I may incorporate this as part of my regular running routine. ;)
   Next, I made a quick run to the dive shop for the Roatan meet and greet. And then headed out to meet Rich and Britten for a refreshing swim and friendly volleyball match in their neighbors pool:
   We went out for Thai tapas afterward. And when I got home, I still had a little bit of steam left to work on my art work for Hallmarket on 9/27. Kismet "helped." I am having a blast with this new stuff and can't wait to share it with everyone.