Tuesday, September 23, 2014


   Today may well have been my healthiest day ever… Until it wasn't. By sheer coincidence, I had my annual physical first thing this morning in which my doctor told me my cholesterol levels were the best she has ever seen. Then this afternoon, my dentist was finally able to get me in for my appointment, and I got a clean bill of health there, too. And this evening, I attended a women's health screening and education session sponsored by Shawnee Mission medical center. They checked my eyes, my balance, my range of motion, my feet, my cholesterol, my blood pressure, my BMI… Too many things to name! And all were great.
   So I celebrated by coming home and making these as my late night snack: I took the red and green Jalapeno peppers that David gave me from his garden, and stuffed them with garlic cream cheese and Shatto Farms Havarti cheese, loads of bacon, and broiled them. <<<passes out>>>