Tuesday, October 14, 2014

From the most thankless task...

   To the most thankful. I spent over 7 hours on my laptop and phone on Sunday, organizing and backing up photos on multiple drives. I had nearly 3000 photos on my phone, and enough was enough. A task I despise, but unless I stop taking photos, I must do it.
   I noticed that iTunes was showing that I had a large sum of "other" taking up memory on my phone. I searched for an answer as to what it could be. It's a catch-all category. And apparently it includes voice memos.
   So imagine my surprise when I opened that app and discovered two recordings from over two years ago, which must have transferred from my old iPhone 4s (the hard drive died in Utah this past ski season). I had no idea these recordings were there. Both were of Gypsy, purring.
   Rather than feeling sad, I feel so happy to have discovered this hidden treasure, with my girl sounding so content and happy. I hope she's in heaven, happy again and free from pain, smiling down on me with those lemur eyes and preposterously long whiskers. And I hope she's laughing at the antics of the kitty who followed her, Kismet. 
   Though they look very different, they are much more alike than meets the eye. And I think Gypsy would approve.