Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hallmarket wrap up

Steph & me, for our third year together
   Well, the day I've been working so hard for has come & gone: the annual Hallmarket art fair! We had a beautiful (though unseasonably hot) day at Crown Center, just past the Hallmark complex. The American Royal parade that morning helped drive a lot of extra traffic our way: we were hopping all day long! Thank goodness Divemaster Chris surprised me & showed up at 8 am to help me set up!
   I managed some decent sales, thanks in part to the adorable mascots who helped capture attention. I think the dogs worked harder than I did! They were great little ambassadors.
   Here are some closer shots of my work; I do still have a few pieces available and will be posting them online, either here, on Facebook, or Etsy. Stay tuned!
   Here's one piece that's not for sale... Lee got one of my drawings tattooed on his arm, and I finally got to see it!!!
   Here are some shots of a few of the more than 100 artists who participated. Sadly, I barely got a chance to shop, but it was certainly an overwhelming selection of creative wares.
   Tag Team Tompkins with their letterpress prints of Chinese zodiac animals:
Sarah & Colin:
Amy's lovely jewelry:
Ginny's first art show: WOW!
   Flora's amazing work:
   The Plush Club booth with the Gunkels enjoying the photo opp:
   Sincere thanks to all who attended, and especially to those who supported our work. Creating art is indeed fun and rewarding, but we all worked very hard to make this happen. 
   One of my favorite parts of the day was watching all the kids who came into my booth immediately pick up my plush critters and start talking in funny voices and moving them around, naming them, & inventing stories about them on the spot. It totally made my day to think that I had even a small part of inspiring their creativity.
   This adorable little gal, Iris, loved my plush and selected the Sabertooth cat, Hunter. I asked her what her favorite animal is so I could draw it. "Zebra, tiger AND wolf." LOL
So that's what she got!!! It meant a lot to me that of ALL the amazing work at Hallmarket, she chose mine as the one piece that her mom agreed to buy for her. Aww...