Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold turkey... Err, chicken

   Dashing through the… Snow?! Yep, we had an early snow over the weekend. The Shibas and I love it! I also love this doge forecast which my friend David shared with me.
   It's dozens of degrees colder than normal this time of year, a good day to sleep on the couch, said the pets. I agree, as my legs are still recovering from yesterday's race.
   I did stand outside in the 21° weather (which I later found out felt like only 12°) to grill some chicken wings that I had a sudden craving for. Crazy? Yes... Crazy good!
   I used the homemade jalapeno hot sauce which I made from my other friend David's peppers. Quite possibly the best wings I've ever had! Certainly, the best ones I've ever made myself.