Saturday, December 20, 2014

LA oasis

   I got up early this morning and hiked up to one of my favorite spots in the city: Runyon Canyon. I felt like I was cheating on my dogs… They would absolutely love to join me in an off-leash park in a canyon like this one!
   We don't see a lot of cactus growing in Kansas City!
   That was a little art sprinkled around the park too.
   My favorite were some bumper stickers on all the trash cans that said, "everyone matters" and "the day of non-judgment is near." :)
   They made me think. In Kansas City, the seasons are so harsh that we don't see a lot of homeless people. In LA, they are prevalent. And we had several who came and hung out with us throughout the event yesterday. Since we weren't busy, I talked with them.
   They shared interesting stories: one woman who was 50 years old said that she has seven kids, and 14 grandkids. She used to be a choreographer and dancer. Her skin looks so good that she didn't look her age. She told me she was religious about using Roc. An older gentleman claimed to be a pretty famous blues harpist. He showed me pictures on his phone of him surrounded by groupies at some of his gigs, and even a billboard with his name on it. Every other word was an expletive.
   Life in LA is certainly very different than I'm accustomed to, and especially people like this. I don't yet know why we met, but we did, and I was glad to have the experience.