Sunday, December 21, 2014

Runyon Run

   This morning I woke up early and hatched a plan for how long I could possibly spend in the canyon before I had to head back to the hotel, shower and get ready, have breakfast, and check out. And I figured if I ran, I could spend even longer.
   I went six miles at a fairly easy pace, since I'm unaccustomed to such steep up and downhill sections. The universe treated me to another gorgeous sunrise. And then I treated myself to some blueberry, lemon curd & ricotta corn cakes with whipped cream.
   Preston's restaurant at Loew's in Hollywood really does a great job. My smoked salmon and bagel yesterday was amazing too. And my server both days, Maribel, was among the best ever. I gave her a big tip and she gave me a big hug. Here's wishing she and her kids have a great Christmas.