Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good karma

   That guy you see walking back up to the front of the bus in the neon yellow vest is our bus driver. He is such a nice guy--today was the second time I saw him stop the bus, walk all the way to the back, and wake up a passenger so that he wouldn't miss his stop. With all the people who get on and off the bus every day, I don't know how he remembers who gets off where. But he does. And he cares.
   I hope he gets the credit he deserves for doing a great job and going the extra mile for his passengers. I've contacted the bus service to see if I can get his name, and his supervisors contact information.
   I've been riding for nearly 2 years, and I still don't know the etiquette with the drivers… Whether or not it's okay to talk with them, ask their name, etc. I don't want to bother them, but I feel that this guy in particular is really interesting. On my first ride in January, I greeted him and asked him how his holidays were. He mentioned that his son was visiting from Senegal. And I have been itching to ask him more about it ever since!
   My friend Britten posted this thought, and I love it, and I believe in it wholeheartedly. Our driver embodies this idea. :)