Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy birthday Madeline!

   You know a day is going to be good when it starts out with homemade lemon cupcakes from the Tompkins family!
   I gave Madeline this fun little card that I found with fancy gold details. I chose it mostly because there was plenty of room around the design for me to make it mine. (I just love it when designers leave cards looking unfinished, so I can add my own touches.)
   Inside I expressed my feelings about what a true friend she is, and has been for years, and how much I appreciate her kindness and generosity. It is a hallmark of her whole family. Madeline posted this response:
   Yes, greeting cards are gradually becoming a thing of the past. But they still mean a lot, both to those who give them, and those who receive them. Happy day! :)
   And even happier still, check out this awesome note on Japanese stationary she gave me in return: