Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lunch with a yeti

   Today I had lunch with a yeti. And by yeti, of course I mean Charlie. It was just like old times, laughing, creatively strategizing, and me drawing cartoons on three by fives to crack him up. Made me realize just how much I miss my "work family." Most of them have spouses, but I come home and I'm alone with my pets. And I love them, but they don't say much.
   This afternoon was the first time since I left work that I experienced real pangs of loneliness. This too shall pass… Once I get my portfolio completed and can dive into thinking about what I actually WANT to do next, and start getting some applications out there. I'm just getting burned out from working on it so much this last week. And staying up way too late, because I get excited when I work on it and I can't turn it off.
   I can feel that I am going to be working harder in this phase of my life than I have ever had to work before. It is still more exciting than daunting--because for the first time in nearly 20 years, I am working for ME, but some days are easier and funner than others. I'm glad I have this photo from our lunch today to remind me of all the people I love. He is such a bright, positive light:
   Found this quote on Instagram. I'm lucky to be able to say the good people are not so hard to come by in my life. But Charlie is certainly one of the best!